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Enwrapture Skirts- photos/buy/sell/trade
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March 2011
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diseased_inside [userpic]
Help me please.

Okay I got 3 plus size skirts from the last co-op and even though I study the little diagram things, and watched some youtube videos I um..okay I cannot do anything with them except a regular wrap around skirt.

I need help.

I'm begging for slow step by step (I'm talking slow like I am the dumbest person you've ever seen slow), picture type tutorial or any kind of tutorial would be so great.

My main problem is figuring out where to tuck what, or how to get bits around my body of that makes sense.

My skirts are so beautiful I want to wear them in a more awesome fashion but my skills at this are not so awesome.

Help me not have a sad anymore.


This is the video I watch when I want to wrap my skirts in a new way...
The written instructions don't help me at all.
I would totally help you, but I'm not sure what I can do if videos don't already help. Perhaps you could get a friend to watch the videos with you and you could figure it out together? If you tell me a few things you'd like to do with your skirt, perhaps I can shoot a video of me doing it slower and talking you through it? Let me know. Sad is not good!

I missed this. OH thank you for that video I thought I had seen it but it was another I"d been watching. I think half my problem is that I probably should have gotten a regular sized short skirt as well as the plus size skirt. The other half of my problem is my boobs, they keep getting in the way when I think I've got things wrapped up in a cute fashion. And I'm really uncoordinated sometimes, I make my partner help me with wearing them now. I think after I get some big bills paid I'm going to pick up a shorter one too.