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Enwrapture Skirts- photos/buy/sell/trade
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Rebecca [userpic]

Enwrapture Vintage Co-Op

Co-op Fee: $2
Co-Op Closes: 3/10/2011
Payments Due: 3/11/2011
Payment Types Accepted: Funded or CC PP to Gealach_Annir@hotmail.com (please cover fees)

Shipping to host: please add $1 per skirt. If shipping is less than total STH payments, I will divide the remainder and subtract it from your shipping costs.

Payments should be sent as "personal/payment owed" and that way will avoid fees.
Shipping payments, when the time comes, should be sent as "goods" and fees will need to be covered.

Wrap Skirts:
Minimum order is 50 regular sized skirts.
Minimum order is 24 for plus sized skirts.

Wraps skirts come in the following lengths.
Short (20", 22", 24")
Medium (28", 30")
Long (34", 36")

Plus size skirts are only available in the 36" length

Regular Skirts, any length $8 each
Plus Sized Skirts $12 each

*Please understand, I have no control over the colors we receive. However, I am going to try and match everyone with colors they would like. When you order, please list your three preferred colors.*

Sample Order ~please post orders in this format

Sample Person/ onsonew/ zipcode
sampleperson at hotmail dot com
1 28"
2 plus sized

sub total: $32
STH - $3 ($1 per skirt)
Coop Fee - $2

Here is the link to the Google Spreadsheet of our orders.

Please feel free to cross-post or link this co-op! The more the merrier!

Minerva Llewellyn [userpic]

$8.50-$12. Vintage Silk Sari Skirts Co-op, buying info in hereCollapse )

diseased_inside [userpic]

Okay I got 3 plus size skirts from the last co-op and even though I study the little diagram things, and watched some youtube videos I um..okay I cannot do anything with them except a regular wrap around skirt.

I need help.

I'm begging for slow step by step (I'm talking slow like I am the dumbest person you've ever seen slow), picture type tutorial or any kind of tutorial would be so great.

My main problem is figuring out where to tuck what, or how to get bits around my body of that makes sense.

My skirts are so beautiful I want to wear them in a more awesome fashion but my skills at this are not so awesome.

Help me not have a sad anymore.

Rebecca [userpic]

Click for skirts!Collapse )

Minerva Llewellyn [userpic]

Welcome! I hope people post pictures of their skirts, as well as buy/sell/trade *smile*.

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